Our friends Greg, Alyssa, Jason, and Angela were telling us about this amazing set of sermons that are on a topic most churches won’t even touch – sex. I remember Kyle and I going to the Tommy Nelson Song of Solomon Conference after being newlyweds. It was amazing. I wanted to know why no one else preached out of Song of Solomon and what God’s written plan for sex was.

Well, there is a link that discusses Satan’s sex ed. There are so many lies and deep bondage that people, often even before they get out of high school get trapped into. I listened to the first link and found is extremely powerful. I highly recommend EVERYONE whether you are single, married, divorced, young or old to watch these.

God had a plan when he set up marriage. To be completely honest it is not always warm and fuzzy. As a friend said, Satan wants anything God holds precious. God holds marriage very precious to Him. It is hard at times, but it is at all times worth fighting for. And trust me, you will have to fight for it. There will be unexpected conflict and baggage that only God can heal.

I would love to hear if you listen to the link and what you think. Even if you just tell me that you are listening. It is powerful!!!

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