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Fun at work

I was sitting in Dale’s office chatting today. I saw Mikey through the doorway crawling on his hands and knees across the floor. He made his way up to a metal push cart that had a bunch of wooden pallets … Continue reading

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Sad night

Thursday night I came home from work. I went to check on the newts to see what they were up to. It’s always fun to try and find them as they blend in so well in their tank. Their eyes … Continue reading

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New Newt Photos

Belly shot of Lefty while swimming. Lefty trying to push Sir Isaac into the water with him. Cleopatra traversing the narrow moss trail on the back side of the tank. Lefty is soaking his bum. Cleopatra doing a nice dance … Continue reading

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Flavorful Tips

Kyle and I found a great Triskets flavor called cracked pepper and olive oil! At Winco they have a really good minestorne soup in their bulk foods. It’s super to put a cup of the mix and a quart of … Continue reading

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Thanksgiving Football

Today my parents flew into DFW. We all went on a short tour while in route to Crackerbarrel. While we were checking out the gift shop it started snowing. We stopped by the hotel to check in and drop off … Continue reading

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Thanksgiving Texas

Tasha and I are off to Texas to see Troy and Aimee. Perry and Sherry will be there too. We’ll be coming back Sunday morning very early. As I type this my head bobs while looking at the time. 4am.

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Charlie Hall

Going into college hour last week I saw a table with cds and tshirts for sale. Apparently we had someone coming in to do the music in our worship service. “Who is Charlie Hall?” I thought. Walking up to the … Continue reading

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