Newt Tank – Part 1 (continued)

Wood options for the tank. Don’t buy it, find it on a walk through the park.
Left: vine from a crawling palm
Middle: driftwood
Right: branch from at the park

I chose the marble chips for the gravel bottom of the tank. This bag cost less than $4 and for our 10 gallon tank I only used about half of it. The size of the gravel varies from 3/8″ to 3/4″ in size. I read that the size needs to be big enough for your creature to not swallow it.

The gravel had lots of dust on it. I did not want that to transfer to the tank so I set up a cleaning station at the sink. I cut a square of the plastic mech to place over the drain so gravel wouldn’t get caught in our sink pipes. Then I took a plastic bucket and drilled holes in the bottom of it.

Dirty gravel? Fill it with water, swoosh it around, and you’ve got clean gravel.

I took a large old towel and folded it in half on the floor. Then I took the wet gravel and poured them onto the towel. I swung it around a few times to pull the water off. I then positioned the tank where I wanted – do this first because it will get heavy and you don’t want to break your back moving it later. Still using the towel I lowered the gravel into the tank and let it pour out gently as not to crack the glass bottom.

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10 Responses to Newt Tank – Part 1 (continued)

  1. Lindsay says:

    Man….your fire belly newt is spoiled! What is its name? I do not remember if you told me.Happy Friday!

  2. Kyle says:

    We haven’t picked them out yet. There is the Reptile House in Fresno but they don’t get their China shipment in for a few more weeks. I guess its tricky getting fbn’s here alive.  Pet Xtreme has them though. They also have fire belly frogs. We want newts only but the frogs are cool too. I want to get the tank ready first. I still need to add moss, soil, and plants. Tasha wants to add a hill so I am planning my next move.

  3. Kyle says:

    Here are our newts name options:1) fig, robert, and figburt2) Rack, Shack, Benny3) Napoleon, Kip and Rico or Pedro4) Wyatt, Morgan and Virgil (Earp)5) Nacho, Esqueleto, and Encarnacion6) Frodo, Sam, and Bilbo7) Nemo, Marlin, and DoryAnyone have any other ideas?!

  4. Kyle says:

    Oh and two more name ideas… Newt Gingrich, Knute Rockne.

  5. lindsay says:

    WOW! So many to chose from. Those are really good! How are you going to narrow them all down? Maybe you should have people vote.

  6. Megan says:

    That is awesome! I’ve been reading your blog with mentions of the tank and I’ve been waiting for it. I can’t wait for pictures with creatures in it. 😀I want a creature tank lol. But the munchkins should be crawling in a month or so, so it’s probably not a great idea. Yesterday Jack started turning around in a circle when he’s on his tummy now.I like options 3 & 6 haha. Although I’ve noticed that the creatures usually show you the names they need. (As weird as that sounds). For example, when I was younger we got puppies that we had come up with names for beforehand. (Squiggles or something weird like that). Picked them up and one had a about 2 inches of her tail covered in black. So she became Dipstick. ;P

  7. Glitchand6 says:

    I had a newt named Gypsy when I was a teenager. Please plan on a lid for your critter. Mine disappeared – only to be found as a crispy critter months latter.

  8. kkbaher says:

    Hey- the Bahers want “props” for suggesting some of them there names!:)

  9. Kyle says:

    Well Bahers, you get props for more than a few of them there names. 2-7 came from you guys alone! Thank you Bahers!

  10. Tasha says:

    Question: In Kyle’s last comment, should he have used “their” instead of “there”. He said because he was purposely using red neck grammar “there” was correct. I just spent a week teaching my kids about possessive nouns, which doesn’t specifically tie into “their” but is close.

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