Thursday morning

Last night we were at Star Bucks. Tasha meets with some other ladies to work on their BSF. I go and sit at another table so that I can spread out and do homework. We like to sit outside because this location tends to play their music louder and the music is very different which makes it hard to concentrate. However, sitting outside we are subjected to the smokers. Last night I left feeling like someone had filled my ears with sewage. I had no idea that people could use swear words and cuss words as nouns, adjectives, and verbs. It is amazing how many cuss words this one man in particular could fit into a single sentence. Cussing is stupid.

This morning I was getting ready to leave for school. I could not find my backpack. I ran through the apartment a few times until I was ready to either give up or tear the place apart. **light bulb** I left it in Tasha’s car. I called Tasha and confirmed this was the case, yep. I had to drive from Clovis to Easton to get my bag. Then from Easton to Fresno to get to school. Needless to say, I missed my first class of the day. However, he posts his lecture outline online so I can print it and go through the chapter to catch up easily. Maybe if I am really lucky he’ll mp3 his lecture (he has been forgetting to bring the recorder lately).

Funny story to lighten up my off to a bad start morning – in Easton I stopped at the pump to fill up. While I was standing there an SUV was sitting at a stoplight. There was a black scottish terrier sticking its head out the window. It saw me and the other pumpers and barked at us. Without thinking I barked loudly back. It moaned and ducked back into the SUV. Ha, ha. I win!

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2 Responses to Thursday morning

  1. kkbaher says:

    QUITE the Thursday morning you had!!! I hear you about both the smoke & the bad language. But, enjoy the sitting outside part because our high temps are around 30-40 right now, so sitting outside isn’t an option.:)

  2. Tasha says:

    I had one of my unique students barking at another kid recently. Maybe you two should “chat”:) When my student was barking I just smiled, because he’s unique and for him that works. Plus we were outside, so it wasn’t a distraction in class. You have to smile at things like that, otherwise you miss kids being kids.

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