Dirty Word

Craig Gross, one of the “P*rn Pastors”, of XXXChurch.com came to FPU to speak on both Thursday and Friday of this week. He showed a documentary of the beginnings of their ministry called “Missionary Positions”. This movie is rated “R” for very good reasons.

XXXChurch.com started because Mike was taking a shower. In the documentary Mike explains that showering is something you do daily so he found it natural to use the time wisely to pray and speak with God. On this particular morning God gave him a word. P*rn*graphy. He met with Craig later that day, at the church where they both serve as ordain ministers, and shared the idea. This started their ministry that seeks to speak about what no one wants to speak about in an attempt move people away from sin and into healing.

How many people in the church do you think there is that says that p*rn is a problem in their home? 10%? 20% How much?

Click on A and drag to B to see the answer.

A 48% B

Satan is doing some real damage to the church through this p*rn industry. It isn’t a male only problem. Women and children are getting shackled into this stuff too. Whether or not you agree with thier approach they are making a difference.

What amazes me most about these guys isn’t that they are front line fighting this beast but that they said yes to God when God prompted them to do this. How many people say no to God when God speaks and an opportunity is lost to make an impact for the kingdom? Sadly, I think that stat would be just as high if not higher than the previous stat.

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