I’ve been trying to break up my routines by studying the places I go in order to see if I will notice when something there has changed. This all started when I noticed paper origami that was hanging over the counter in the library. I asked how long it had been there and the staff said, “Since the beginning of the school year.” %) I cannot tell you how often I’ve passed that area and yet I never noticed them.

I’ve been noticing a surge of tagging all down Maple Avenue. Fatso for example is a very energetic tagger that likes to see his/her name everywhere. An instructor at FPU wrote a nice little something on how tagging is like a dog that pees on a tree to mark its territory. Tagging really gets to her because it is an ugly element in a potentially beautiful space.

Maybe it is because its the wanna be rebel inside of me but I like graffiti art. I’d like to see more things like this piece.

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