Supposedly Brook Trout at Nelson Lake love the coachman and mosquito flies. A sales rep at Herb Bauer also said when he was there a year ago they also hit on the prince nymph. Of course he said like three others too but I only chose one extra pattern more than Travis said to get. These things are miniature works of art. Thought I’d share them due to my own fascination with them. I’ve never used flies before so I’ll let you know how they work out for me.

Prince Nymph (nymph)

Royal Coachman (dry emerger)

Mosquito (dry emerger)

Pictures from Fly Fishing Connection.

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2 Responses to Flies

  1. Tasha says:

    The creativity used to creature such lures is amazing.

  2. Travis says:

    Truthfully the trout at Nelson are so dumb you could just throw a shiny gold hook out there and they will bite! Yet the Royal Coachmen is still my favorite to use because of the way it moves in the water when you reel it in.

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