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Sometimes strange things happen when I’m out of town. For example, Kyle said we got a new pet. Have you ever had a pet like ours? We only kept this hissing pet a few days. I was very thankful that … Continue reading

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Clean Art

While walking through a neighborhood next to the church passing out fliers for VBS, we noticed some graffiti. Unlike the usual gang tagging I see all over Clovis and Fresno, this graffiti was more a statement than a nuisance. Today … Continue reading

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Grandpa’s Stories

Last night he walked up to two ladies and their kids at Petsmart. The little boy had a mohawk and he asked the lady if she had given the boy that haircut. She said yes, so he asked her if … Continue reading

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What is this world coming to?

City lawyer busted for allegedly stealing Sausage McMuffin A deputy city attorney has been charged with petty theft and battery stemming from a dispute over his breakfast order at a McDonald’s restaurant. Michael Richards was initially arrested May 18 on … Continue reading

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