to blog or not to blog

What is a blog?
Apparently it is slang for “web log”.

What goes into a blog?
Some people use them as diaries, ballistic targets for their drama, personal portfolios, ect.

Why do we have a blog?
When we moved up here to Clovis, we thought it would be a fun and easy way to stay connected with our friends and family. We post random fun things, little tidbits of what we’re up to, share our thoughts about whatever is on our hearts, post pictures, and share stories.

We’d love to know that you’ve visited the blog. If you’d like to leave a comment on any post then simply click on the “Comment” link below the post you’ve just read. Type up what you’d like to say. Then choose how you want to sign your comment: google/blogger id, other utility id, name, or anonymous. Lastly, click on the Publish Your Comment” link.

On the right hand side of our blog we’ve got some cool stuff. Check out the bubble wrap you can pop. When you’ve ran out of bubbles, hit “Fresh Sheet” and keep going. You can also play with our lilttle tree frog by moving your mouse pointer in his window. Please feed him too by clicking in his window.
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