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Summer Fun

Kyle started school today. What better to do the day before school starts than to go off on an adventure? Kyle and I adventured through an area he’s been to before, but I had never been. It is near Shaver … Continue reading

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Meet Inferno

On Tuesday the 19th I found a pet suitable for my office. It was tough to decide what type of pet would work best for the environment. It couldn‘t be loud or messy. It had to require minimal maintenance. I … Continue reading

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Afternoon Ambling

Isn’t water fun in photos?This one reminded me of the Dr. Seuss book Horton Hears a Who.I did an Ellie style photo by lying on the ground to take this one. It was rather fun for me to take:)

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Things I Loved About This Summer

I’m in a bit of a reflective mood thinking about things I miss. Things I loved about this summer: 1. I loved seeing the Bahers in Wisconsin. I still think everyone should visit there. It is GORGEOUS!!! Plus I got … Continue reading

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A Walk Full of Color

These look so delicate to me, like etty bitty paintbrushes coming out to play.I didn’t remember that these came in purple:)The tops of some of these remind me of a pine cone.Doesn’t this look like several tiny bouquets?Awe, how can … Continue reading

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My Favorites

Here are my favorites from Tasha’s last camera excursion. First Second Third

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A Touch of Color

Last night I went looking for the supplies to make a conduct chart. I didn’t have one before, but I’ve heard that is what 3rd grade teachers do. Kyle was willing to join me at GWs, which I am ever … Continue reading

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