Sir Isaac

Sir Issac will soon be celebrating one year of living with us. He used to go though 10 or more crickets a week. Now he goes though maybe 10 a month. The pet store says he has entered his mature stage. Whereas while a juvenile he ate lots and moved lots, he eats little and moves little. He used to spend most of his time out of the water. Then he began soaking his rear end in the water for a good portion of the day. Now he spends maybe 90% of his time in the water. The line where the red on his belly meets the black skin used to be very crisp. Now that line blurs in spots and is an orange color.

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2 Responses to Sir Isaac

  1. kkbaher says:

    Happy Anniversary Sir Isaac! KB

  2. MOM says:

    Did you give my grandbaby a party? I want a picture of him in his anniversity hat.Tell him GramE loves him.

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