Gus the cat

I came home from school yesterday and as I was unlocking my door saw something moving behind the wooden slats of our patio. It was a furry little kitten! I let him come inside and played in the floor with him. While he explored the living room I got him a saucer of water. I also put out some captin crunch cereal which he gobbled right up.

In the morning I had gone to get the mail and noticed a flyer saying missing kitten. A family had gotten it for their son’s birthday and they were heart broken. So sad. I told the fur ball to stay in the house while I went to get the number off the flyer.

I thought the lady was going to cry when I told her that I had a little kitten that looked like it might be theirs. They quickly came over to check him out. She scolded him like he was a kid that got lost, which was funny. Her son was maybe 5 years old and he was yanking on her shirt saying that it was his turn to hold Gus.

Don’t you love a happy ending?

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