Sawing logs

Tonight we went to Starbucks and met with our friend Karin. We go practically every week for them to work on their Bible Study Fellowship and I get to work on school stuff. So I was trying to read Saint Augustine’s Confessions and apparently fell asleep. A barista who I have befriended, who was actually off duty, saw me asleep and asked Tasha if I was her friend. Luckily she claimed me and said, “Oh that is my husband”. He then asked if I was supposed to be asleep to which Tasha replied, “No, he is supposed to be doing homework”. Oops!

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One Response to Sawing logs

  1. Tasha says:

    Then the barista asked if I was going to let him sleep. I said yes. What is the point in waking a man who can fall asleep anywhere? What is there to prevent him from sleeping again??? Plus, it was funny. I didn’t like that EVERYONE on that side of the Starbucks was staring at the sleeping husband and then to his wife a table away… but oh well:) The barista hadn’t come next to me when he asked the question. He asked loud enough that everyone heard and looked to see my unconscious husband.

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