Witnessed to

I went to get my eyes checked today. While I was in the waiting room I was sitting next to a family of four; dad, mom, son, and daughter. I assumed that they were either Apostolic or Pentecostal due to the ladies’ Levi skirts and long braided hair. It is always odd to me to be sitting in close proximity with people you don’t know. Case and point, the mom and I made eye contact, naturally I smiled but then she did not know what to do with my smile, so she quickly turned her head. Later I heard her teenage daughter say, “That guy, mom”. I did not know who they were talking about, so I didn’t think to look at them because I had already, possibly, made the mom uncomfortable with my friendly smile. She stood up and leaned across the gap of chairs to hand me a card. I took a look at it and saw that it was a business type card for their church with service times and such. Their church was in deed Pentecostal. I told her thank you just as I was called back.

I told Tasha the story and she asked what it felt like to get witnessed to. I thought about it and said that I appreciated the woman being bold enough to simply hand a stranger a card to their church. We thought more about it though and asked questions about witnessing. 1) What is more effective: to hand someone a tract or to talk to them? 2) What is less intrusive? 3) Are they equally effective because people respond in different ways? Then I wondered why believers of different denominations do not openly converse.

Does anyone thoughts on any of this?

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