Where do pencils come from?

My friend Mikey likes to flick pencils into the acoustical tiled ceiling at the office. Mikey is the spokesperson for the Toys R Us song, “I don’t want to grow up”. He is fun and wacky. I found this random picture through google images and thought it was great. This guy means business!

Office antics are fantastic. However, pencils that grow down from ceilings are not too professional. Safety wise this activity is a huge No-No. First of all, the man in the picture is not wearing a hardhat. Second, he has no eye protection. Third, there are electrical hazards in the direction he is throwing the projectiles. Fourth, that is a really tall ceiling which means retrieval of the pencils would be near impossible without an extension ladder or scaffolding which would also require a fall restraint harness… and so on and so forth. Possible solution to make the activity less risky – use dull pointed pencils to throw at a lower ceiling in an office space that is not your own.

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2 Responses to Where do pencils come from?

  1. LOL! What would we do at the office if there was no OSHA?

  2. LOL! What would we do at the office if there was no OSHA?

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