Clear as Mud

I am getting overwhelmed with both the complexity and murkiness of the material I am reading in my theology and Bible classes. It very well could be, and perhaps most likely, that I am simply not at the same high mental caliber as these scholars. It feels at times that in “explaining” their finer points they leave much open-ended and are hesitant to offer definitive conclusions, as if trying to evade any who would analyze them. In thinking about all this and a conversation I had with a buddy about poets and trying to describe with our limited words the mythological (he says mythological but I say theological), I came to the following conclusion.

Though we, finite beings, attempt to understand that which is infinite, with our limited capacities, it is no less a worthy endeavor than if we were fully capable to understand that which is beyond knowing fully. Thus, we strive to know with ever-increasing certainty because ambiguity is not for theologians.

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