Birthday Cake!

While planning the September birthdays (there are three of us born in September) with my mom we came into a problem. She and my oldest sister would be out of town on Friday and Saturday. So, I volunteered to make the cake. As we talked I heard my mom say, “… chocolate cake …” She was assuming it would be a chocolate cake. As a child I didn’t know people had anything other than chocolate cake with chocolate frosting and chocolate ice cream on their birthday.

I reminded my mom that I volunteered to make that cake, and after all since it was my birthday we were celebrating, I would be decide what kind of a cake. In gest I told her that it just might be purple. Well, that didn’t please my chocolate loving mother. She then said that she’d find a way to make the cake. I told her no, that I was quite capable of making a cake. I then reminded her that again, it might be purple.

Enjoy some pictures of the cake I made.

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