Avila Adventures

Kyle and I had great plans save money while celebrating his fall break. We were going to make sandwiches to eat at the Avila Valley Barn. We brought oatmeal to make breakfast at the camp fire. We picked up some sweet corn and soup mix from the Avila Valley Barn. These great plans worked well except for the sandwich part. Kyle made the sandwiches and then left them in the refrigerator. We realized our error at the AVB. One of the nice ladies on the ice cream shop recommended a sandwich place. It was very tasty! There was also a great trail right by the sandwich place that provided the perfect spot to take our first spider web pictures!

The sandwich place was very close to AVB.

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2 Responses to Avila Adventures

  1. Again, a wonderful trip down memory lane for me! I especially loved the first spider web. It reminded me of the one I took a few months ago. Miss you!

  2. Tasha says:

    I must admit that Kyle saw the spider web first, but I thought of you and your web pictures immediately!!!

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