The Random Mix

Here are some other cool shots from this past weekend.
A friend took a diagonal picture for a thank you for her wedding. I fell in love with the idea and have played with it since.

As it turned out, the Clam Fest was also happening during our planned relaxation. There were TONS of people there! We found this stunning booth with orchids!!!

I know, I know, but I can’t help but love the flowers!!! These were at the Avila Valley Barn.

I had no idea the pumpkins could come in SO many colors!

Aren’t these coo?!?!

We saw lots of dog on the trip. This one was enjoying the sunset.

What a cool looking decomposer!!! The tree was near our campsite.

I just love fall. This was at the Avila Valley Barn.

Awe, the pumpkin field at Avila Valley Barn. On Saturday there were tons of people in the fields picking their pumpkins.

For more information on the Avila Valley Barn, check out their website.

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