Laundry: A Team Effort

I don’t think I’ll be complaining about doing laundry any time soon. Here is how it works for Perry and Sherry.

Team Member: Expert Wringer Outer

Team Member: Handy Hangerer

Step 1: Fill the bucket with water.

Step 2: Fill agitator with soap, clothes, and buckets (more than one) of water.
Step 3: Move clothes from the agitator to a rise bucket.

Step 4: Squeeze clothes and move them to the spinner.

Step 5: Move clothes to a basket to be taken upstairs for drying.

Step 6: Hang the clothes near a buckeri (kerosene heater) to dry. You can see the buckeri in the back.

Step 7: Fold and put away (picture not available at this time due to the drying process still occurring).
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