On the Wings of Heroes

Some people run, others play video games, and I read kid’s novels. Reading is my way to unwind. Today I finished On the Wings of Heros by Richard Peck. It was an amazing book. I first heard about Richard Peck while driving to Pismo Beach. To help the time pass, Kyle and I listened to A Long Way From Chicago. I laughed SOOOO much. I love that Richard paints thought provoking, funny, complicated and yet simple pictures of life 60-100 years ago. He doesn’t paint it all nice and rosy like Laura Ingalls Wilder. He paints with hilarious humor, unexpected changes of events, and lots of pranks. He often doesn’t paint people as beautiful creatures who do what they are supposed to. Instead there are privies that catch fire, root beer cans that explode, a grandmother who hides in the dark and succeeds in protecting her privy on Halloween, illegal fishing, difficult neighbors, and much more. I don’t think I’d want to be in these stories, but boy are they a joy to read.

The books I’ve read and really recommend:
A Long Way From Chicago
A Year Down Yonder
On the Wings of Heroes
Fair Weather
The Teacher’s Funeral-A Comedy in Three Parts

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