Random Thoughts on Pregnancy

Some of my favorites:
*I love feeling my daughter kick and move!
*I am SUPER blessed that people say I look cute despite how big I am getting!
*Cereal is one of my favorite snacks. The current flavor of choice is cinnamon Oatmeal Squares.
*I’ve been totally fascinated by the changes in my belly button! I’d currently describe it as a volcano! HA!

Unexpected things:
*I didn’t expect to find that Thanksgiving foods didn’t agree with me. Mashed potatoes finally taste good again!!!
*One week garlic tasted fabulous, and then there was the day I woke up from a nap to the smell of Kyle pressing garlic for some toast. Let’s just say I was neither kind nor compassionate in my response to that smell!
*We’ve been totally blessed by people giving me maternity clothes, and the baby already has tons of clothes too!!!
*I’ve bumped into a lot of things as I continue to adjust to my growing belly.

Things I’m looking forward to after the baby is born:
*I think it will be amazing to see my daughter rather than just feeling her.
*I can’t wait for Kyle to hold her!!!
*I’m really looking forward to taking pictures of my little one.
*It will be nice to hug Kyle without my belly bumping him first.
*I’m looking forward to my feet not swelling anymore!!!

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