Day 5 at 4:19 am

Yes, it really is 4:19 am. You may have forgotten what these night feedings are like:)

Eliana had her first doctor’s appointment yesterday. We had been concerned because she was starting to be a little yellow, and she hadn’t had a bowel movement in a day. Our pediatrician was super gracious and allowed us, the slightly worked up brand new parents, to be overlap patients in his schedule. It turns out that she is doing fabulous! He wasn’t worried about her tinge of yellow. He explained it was very common in breast fed babies. He also explained that babies initially get dehydrated until mom’s milk comes in. Well, my milk has arrived all the way up to my eye balls! Yikes! Eliana is sleeping longer now that she is getting this transition watery milk. We absolutely love her. I am overcome with just how great God is that He allows Kyle and I to be her mommy and daddy.

Last night Kyle and I heard a loud noise from Eliana. We both rushed over. I was concern that she was choking. Instead, she had that bowel movement we were waiting for. She was quite content and happy with herself.

Things we love about being new parents:
*She gets the hiccups and makes lots of other cute noises. It is nice to see her have them and not feel like I did during labor!!! Who has time to have the hiccups during birth?!?!
*She is eating well! Who knew I’d ever get so excited about someone burping?!?!
*We have had amazing support of family and friends!
*We are starting to recognize her cues and patterns. Not every cry is 9-1-1 crisis like we both first felt!

Cousin Rachel to the rescue! Mommy needs a quick reprieve.

Cousin knows how to wrap. I am such a cute burrito.

Kallie was fascinated by her cousin Eliana’s movements and noises. She talked it up with Eliana while we visited.

What a lovely picture of Eliana with her proud Aunt Aimee. If only we could get Eliana to smile on cue.

Troy was a H-U-G-E help showing Kyle how to assemble the crib and how the bedding set went into it. The dolly to the right came from Grandpa Mark. Bonnie told us that Mark had to go through the whole store before he made the selection.

Gram-E is so elated to be here visiting with her grandbabies and they love her so much too!

Kyle kept putting Eliana in the middle of this bathing seat. Eliana liked the side more so she’d grab the side and pull herself almost to it and then be content. Still small in size but we expect her to be big in opinions. We already knew she was opinionated because she would dictate what clothing was good for me to wear. She’d kick against my tummy to let me know that she did not like those shorts or those capris. Dresses became the main attire the last few weeks of pregnancy.

She’s such a good sleeper, and eater!

Right now her toes are long and skinny. Kyle is called “Monkey Toes” by Ashlee. Maybe Eliana won’t retain the monkey toes trait, or maybe she will. 😛

Kyle was asleep so I did not have his wedding band. One day this ring will fit my hand again. 🙂

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