July 5

This morning we all went to Sandy’s Country Junction for some good ol’ Okie food!

John and Trisha came to visit this afternoon.

Mommy, Auntie, and Eliana.

Aunt Trisha.

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One Response to July 5

  1. Kari says: My goodness what a whirlwind of a week, no month, well…sort of YEAR for your family! How totally awesome that so many are surrounding you two & that you've been able to have SOOOOOOO many visitors. (Too bad some of the visitors are of the “insect variety” & are not as wanted as, say, family!) How totally fantastic that Sherry is better and, WOW, that Perry is now here! You two are doing a fantastic job of keeping everyone up to date. THANK YOU! When we had Ethan we actually had to go out and BUY a cordless phone because all we had was the kind that plugged into the wall- imagine that. And, get this, NO digital photos. So, you had to take a roll of film, wait for it to be developed, & then send off the photos. *Just make sure y'all, especially Tasha, are getting some sleep during this transitional time! Please give Sherry a hug from me!

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