A Wiggle Worm

Yesterday morning I noticed that Eliana had wiggled quite a bit to where she was in the corner of the cradle. She had her arm and foot outside of the cradle. That made me nervous, so Kyle adapted the crib to be baby escape proof. You can see in the picture below that although cardboard isn’t super cute, it is really needed for our wiggle worm.

Did you know that baby’s skin peels?

A coworker of Kyle’s made this beautiful blanket.

You can’t tell much from the picture, but this preemie outfit (specially bought by Rachel) is actually getting snug on Eliana!!!

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2 Responses to A Wiggle Worm

  1. Kyle says:

    The baby escape proofing was made possible my my mom raising us on MacGyver. We did not know until later that she thought that Richard Dean Anderson, who played MacGyver, was handsome. 🙂

  2. Aunt Aimee says:

    FYI: with Kallie I folded up a blanket and put it at the base of the incline-to-sleep, so that she would move down off of it. It worked perfectly and we slept her like that for 7 months! Cute pics!

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