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13 Weeks Old!

Today Eliana is 13 weeks old! That is 91 days!Eliana’s neck is getting stronger! She can sit up with help! We found out that she can stand up too! I was SO excited the day I found out she could … Continue reading

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Windows of Time

Eliana has very small windows of time in which she will gladly take pictures. Today’s post is an example of post happy window time. This is the look of “Are you kidding me? I’m so not going to smile right … Continue reading

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What We’ve Been Up To

Here is a view of the flowers Kyle got me for my birthday! Growing up I got used to eating my mom’s amazing meatballs. I’ve always been intimidated to make them since she doesn’t use a recipe. She just know … Continue reading

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Sequoia National Park

Yesterday we went on our first family day trip! I’ll be honest. I was rather nervous about taking Eliana. She often screams in the car soon after getting in. She often does not stop until soothed after we arrive at … Continue reading

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Saturday Morning

Eliana did an amazing thing. She went to bed around 10 pm and woke up at 5 am! If you’ve never been a parent, you may not quite grasp how amazing this is! Sadly, I realized near 10:30 pm that … Continue reading

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Ten Weeks Old

Ten weeks is a long time. It is a quarter at my school in Bakersfield. It is a quarter of a pregnancy. It is over half of a semester of college. It is 70 days, 1680 hours, and 100,800 seconds!!! … Continue reading

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