Ten Weeks Old

Ten weeks is a long time. It is a quarter at my school in Bakersfield. It is a quarter of a pregnancy. It is over half of a semester of college. It is 70 days, 1680 hours, and 100,800 seconds!!!

I was reading about tummy time. Apparently Eliana really isn’t a fan!

Eliana’s grip is getting quite good. Kyle has yelped many times as she has pinched him!

Eliana’s eyes are so nice and dark like her Nanny’s and Aunt Tara’s.

I absolutely love this grin! I had tried to put on some newborn pjs and realized they were too small!!! It is so exciting to see her getting bigger! These pjs happened to be a bit big, but they protected me from getting pinched!

Eliana is “talking” now. She makes a short noise and then waits for you to reply with a short noise. We “talked” for quite a while (10 minutes is a long time in baby time) yesterday.

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