Thankful Day 8: Family

Pop Pop, Nanny, and Eliana

Sometimes it is really hard to be 2 hours away from most of my family. Today was SUPER SPECIAL because a bunch of my family came to see Eliana and me. Nanny, Pop Pop, my mom, Tara, Trisha, and Ashlee all came. We enjoyed a yummy lunch at Cheesecake Factory and a little bit of shopping too. A bonus to their visit is that they wanted to dote on my wee one. While I went to get the stroller, Eliana got a hat. Santa apparently comes quite early to the mall, and my family really wanted to see her meet him. I double checked with Kyle if he minded that they meet without him, and he was fine with that. I mentioned that she wasn’t really dressed to meet Santa, and my sister’s response was that we could fix that. So off we ventured to the land of baby clothes. We found a very cute dress. My mom also found a darling outfit and bib. She ended up being too fussy for a picture with Santa, but I’ll post pictures of Eliana and her cute clothes and hat soon. Eliana did great for being out and about for hours. My family had come right after she ate, so she was delighted to have company. She took a good nap while we were at the restaurant. She ate again while my family shopped, and then was happy as a clam to go shopping. She is now sleeping. Today I am thankful for family visits! It made my day!

Eliana was enjoying the car ride playing with her Aunt Trisha.

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