Six Months Old on Christmas!

Eliana’s Big Nanny got her this hat and bib.

Nanny bought Eliana this dress and said that every little girl needs a dress.

Since it is cold here, we played dress up for a short time so that I could get these pictures for Nanny. I think bows can be cute, but I don’t like the dents they leave. Eliana tends to wear bows for a picture now and again, but that is about it. If she had hair, I don’t think it would have quite the same effect. I didn’t have hair for two years, so I won’t be surprised if Eliana doesn’t have any for a while.

Isn’t this dress splendid? A friend of mine got it for Eliana. We had this photo shoot before Christmas, but I am just now getting to posting it.
So, what do I know about my daughter?
*She used to take an hour to eat, and now it is usually around 20 minutes. She is getting two solid meals a day now.
*Three fourths of December was really hard on me because we were often home and Eliana was screaming every night for long periods of time. Eating solids has calmed that way down. For the past two weeks, we have been trying to get out of the house daily. That makes me such a happier person. Eliana lights of people’s faces wherever we go, and that reminds me how neat she is.
*Eliana likes to sing first thing in the morning.
*Eliana has grown out of a size 2 diapers and hopefully soon will really fit a size 3. There is some form of her laundry on the shower curtain rod everyday for the last couple of weeks.
*Eliana likes to play with my hair. She doesn’t pull it. Instead she likes to touch and feel it in her fingers.
*Eliana likes pinching her dad’s face.
*Eliana has been going the nursery while I am at BSF. Part way through last year they opened up a class for her age. I was very nervous about letting her go, but now I find it as a nice breather. She doesn’t sleep while there unless I go and help, but that is okay.
*PRAISE THE LORD! Eliana isn’t screaming in the car anymore!!! That is a HUGE blessing. I can’t even tell you what a difference that makes. If she is tired and ready to sleep, she will get fussy. I often try to avoid hitting her sleepy time while traveling. That makes our outings rather quick, but I’m okay with that.
*Eliana likes to be rocked to sleep. She is still sleeping in her swing, but I don’t have it on anymore. That means she can also sleep in a bouncer while we travel. I’ve found that once she closes her eyes, she likes to be rocked for about 10 minutes. If I put her down before then, she often wakes up quickly. If I get so caught up in the book I’m reading that I go 20 minutes or more, she often wakes up quickly. If I try to lay her down in her crib, she wakes up within 10-20 minutes. May new year’s resolution is to get her to sleep in her crib.
*Eliana is around 14 pounds. Yes, that is small for her age, but it isn’t small for her. She has been steadily growing and gaining weight, so the doctor isn’t worried.
Things people say about Eliana.
*I just want to squash her. -Tara (If you know Tara, you know that is a good thing:) )
*What big eyes. -many strangers
*I just love her. – Taylor
*She doesn’t miss a thing. -many strangers
*She is so strong! -Brandy
*She is so alert. -many strangers
*Let me hold the beebee. -Trisha
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2 Responses to Six Months Old on Christmas!

  1. Colleen says:

    I love following your adventure, Tasha. You are bso creative, and the pictures are, of course GREAT. Your a great Mom!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Colleen says:

    I love following your adventure, Tasha. You are bso creative, and the pictures are, of course GREAT. Your a great Mom!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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