Moving… (not us, don’t panic!)

Have you ever noticed that good food doesn’t taste good if you are sad? Eliana had sweet potatoes and butternut squash. She LOVED having her GramE feed her. Perry, Sherry, Kyle, and I had Sequoia sandwiches. They are delicious sandwiches, however, it was the last meal we’ll be sharing with Perry and Sherry for a while. They are moving to Kentucky. That is a HUGE, AMAZING praise! I’m glad that Perry has found a job. But I’ll be honest, a part of me is very sad that they are moving. I’d gotten used to seeing them at least once a month. I’d gotten used to hearing them laugh as they got Eliana to laugh. I’d gotten used to the hugs, card games, and adventures around town.

Eliana loves her penguin!
Eliana and GramE
GramE had just gotten a fist full of slobber from Eliana. Surprise!
Did you think I was the only paparazzi for Eliana???

Perry, Sherry, Eliana, Kyle, and me
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