Reasons I love Kyle


Kyle and Mitch in El Salvador
Do you know what happens when someone you love has to work 60 hours? You’d think that I’d be super nice, loving, and caring when I do get to see him, right? Well, in all honesty, that isn’t what I’ve been doing over the past week. Kyle, not by his choice, is working 60 hours possibly for another 5 weeks. He gets to see very little of Eliana and me. Several times last week when he came home, I was already rocking her to sleep for the night.

So, what have I been doing with all of this extra time? I’ve been having one big ol’ pity party. Smart idea, right??? Umm. No.
You see the thing is, I know I’m not supposed to be having one huge woe is me party. A good friend of mine reminded me that during this stressful time, I need to be Kyle’s #1 cheerleader. Kyle needs my support. He needs me to love him, not lash out on him because I miss him. Weird huh. The person I miss the most in the day is the one I treat the worst.
In an effort show that I really do love my husband, here is a list of reasons I love Kyle in no particular order.
1. He makes eggs better than me. I know it is silly, but it is true. His eggs are always better than mine:) I’ve been watching him make them for years now, and mine are finally starting to taste close to his.
2. I love Kyle’s eyes. If I could paint as well as God created the variations of color in his eyes, why, I’d be able to paint sunsets like God does.
3. Kyle makes Eliana and me laugh. Remember how I said that Kyle was coming home as I was rocking her to sleep? She’d here him come in and go from almost asleep to totally alert and moving around searching for her daddy. She loves grinning at him! I love how much they love each other.
4. Kyle is a gracious consumer of my cooking abilities. Since I’ve been home, I’ve been doing a lot more of the cooking. Kyle has thanked me for making dinner and he even likes most of it:)
5. Kyle works really hard. He shares with me about his work. I can tell you about clients, who is on the team, what software he is using, and a few of the pranks Kyle pulls.
6. After having a few “words” last night, instead of retaliating, Kyle chose to do the dishes. Some of you may think that is an odd thing to do, but you have to realize something. Kyle isn’t wired to do dishes. Yes, he is capable, but it doesn’t normally occur to him to do them. He is willing to do them when I ask. If you’ve ever read The Five Love Languages you will understand when I say that my love language is Acts of Service. So, to see Kyle do the dishes said I love you in a big way.
7. Kyle prays with me at night.
8. Kyle kisses me good morning as he heads out the door early in the morning.
9. Kyle likes to play card and board games with me. It may sound silly, but back in high school I prayed that God would give me a husband who liked to play card and board games.
10. Kyle has been super patient with me as I continue to transition into being a stay at home mom.
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