Teething and More…

Eliana is a funny girl. She prefers her bananas squished, not pureed. She had been fighting eating a lot lately. Her lips would close tight and eating went from a ten minute activity to double or triple that with a hope that half of the normal amount of food went in. On Sunday morning I was feeding her bananas when I felt a tooth coming in. I was so excited that I woke up Kyle so that he could feel them too. I realized later that day that she wasn’t getting one tooth but both of her middle bottom teeth! It is very hard to see her teeth for two reasons. One, they are barely there. Two, when you push her bottom lip down, she automatically sticks her tongue out. 🙂

We went to Bakersfield on Feb. 12th for Pop Pop’s Surprise 80th birthday party. That night Eliana was up every hour at least once because of congestion. She hasn’t figured out how to breath out of her mouth yet, so a plugged nose meant she couldn’t get air. Thus, neither of us got much sleep. It was hardly better the following night. On Monday, we went to the doctor and found out that, on top of the congestion, she has an ear infection. She had her first real fever that afternoon. There is nothing quite as scary for me being a new mom as my baby being sick. The meds helped and the fever broke some time in the middle of the night. It took a little bit, but she is good to go now!
Things Eliana is good at:
1. Smiling
2. Singing
3. Being giddy with glee when her daddy comes home
4. Pinching. Ouch!
5. Waking up once a night between 2-5 to feed (at least it is down to once a night!)
6. Going to bed between 7 and 8:30
7. Napping without having to be rocked!!! This is new over the past 2 weeks! I still swaddle her and lay her in her swing, but she is awake when I set her down and then falls asleep on her own. I’ll be trying the crib again soon!
8. Standing while holding onto my fingers
9. Sitting unassisted
10. Scooting backwards on her tummy
11. Entertaining herself for longer periods of time
12. Making people (including strangers) smile
13. Greeting the day with joy
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2 Responses to Teething and More…

  1. GramE says:

    1st picture – I can see her red bottom gums. Poor baby!
    2nd picture – I love that one!
    And she sure makes us laugh and smile.
    Love you all

  2. GramE says:

    1st picture – I can see her red bottom gums. Poor baby!
    2nd picture – I love that one!
    And she sure makes us laugh and smile.
    Love you all

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