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Names Like Azariah

Yesterday I got to T-E-A-C-H!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Kyle is a great husband.  He is willing to work extra the four days of the week so that he can get off early on Wednesdays to come watch Eliana.  Yesterday around 1:45 I got … Continue reading

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A Cup of Coffee

Earlier this week I had a Bible study question that said something like: “What unexpected person could you share the good news of Jesus with?”  I stared at the page for a few minutes and thought, “Unexpected… I don’t know?” … Continue reading

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Friday’s Walk

 There is a field near Kyle’s work.  He showed me where these purple flowers were.  I never would have noticed them if I was driving.  I’m so glad we were walking and got to enjoy their beauty.  Can you find … Continue reading

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9 Months Old!!!

Last Friday, Eliana turned nine months old!  I fully intended to post these pictures on Friday.  However, my wee one decided to take a 30 minute nap rather than a nice hour or even two hour afternoon nap.  We rescued … Continue reading

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A Gift

Did you know that I was in choir as a child?  I even had solos and parts in plays!  I find that rather humorous since I can be such a shy person at times. During one summer we put on … Continue reading

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Roadside Beauties

Eliana and I brought a meal to some friends who live about 30 minutes away.  In between our homes is some gorgeous country side.  On the way home we stopped off to capture some of God’s stunning work. Eliana is … Continue reading

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Standing, A Few Seconds at a Time

Eliana’s favorite activity is to stand.  She LOVES to stand and is quite proud of herself.  We got a kick out of her motor boat sounds and saying, “Da da da!” She enjoys chewing on her books. Smiling for the … Continue reading

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