A Gift

Did you know that I was in choir as a child?  I even had solos and parts in plays!  I find that rather humorous since I can be such a shy person at times. During one summer we put on a play after just one week of intense preparation.  My team wore purple shirts and we sang about being purple people eaters… something that at the time didn’t make any sense to me at all.  At the end of the performance, the pastor stood up to pray with all of us kids still on stage.  He had us cup our hands and think about a gift we could give God.  I didn’t have a job or much money.  In fact, I don’t remember money even coming to mind.  It is possible the pastor lead us to think outside of financially how we could bless God. I thought for awhile and wondered what I was good at that would be a blessing to God.  That day, as a young child, I handed over art.  I loved art and thought I was good at making art.

It has taken me many years to figure out how to give this gift to God.  An idea started back in August when I was desperate to go back to work, and yet completely unwilling to leave Eliana in someone else’s care.  In the middle of the night, during one of Eliana’s many feedings, I prayed about how to serve God while staying home.  I craved teaching, yet I had no idea how I could possibly teach full time as a new mom.  I initially thought it would be really cool to create an art club.  I had played with the idea during the five years I taught, but I really didn’t know when I could find the time or energy to add one more lesson to my week.  As I prayed, a thought hit me.  Giving kids the opportunity to create art is fabulous, but in the grand scheme of eternity is it enough?  I started Bible studies when I was in high school, college, and beyond, but never with kids.  Was there a way to tie the Bible and art?  God gave me the seeds for my first art and Bible lesson.  And then came a long winter, literally.  I had talked with my former superintendent about the idea back in September, but the ball really didn’t get rolling.  I had prayed, and prayed, and prayed that this club would take off if it was God’s plan and in His timing.  I sent emails once a week for a month to keep the ball rolling, and decided that God needed to move for the club to start.  Over the months of not hearing back I tried to be okay with God’s timing not being mine.  Let’s just say that I was unsuccessful at times in being okay with His timing not matching mine.

At the beginning of this month I got a call from my superintendent.  Among other things, he wanted to discuss the Bible and Art Club.  I was blown away.  It had been six months with not even a single word about the club.  Not only could the ball get rolling again, but the club could start this year.

Today Eliana and I paid a visit to my school.  Eliana visited with teachers while I showed students some sample art work and talked to the 4th-8th graders during lunch about a Bible and Art Club that I’ll be starting next Wednesday.  I had been given 30 permission slips to pass out.  After the 6th-8th grade lunch, I didn’t have any left and had to go make copies for the 4th-5th graders.  I passed out another 30 and went back to make 20 more copies.  Nearly ever copy was gone by the end of lunch.  Now, do I really expect nearly 80 kids to come?  Um… no.  I know that some were simply excited about seeing the art, others will be in tutoring, and sadly there will be students that find their parents don’t want them in the club.  I’m hoping and praying for 20 students.

What do you see?
A name?
An insect?
What do you see?
A name?
This piece is still in progress.  Kyle gave me the idea to show the students work in progress so that they don’t just see a finished product and think they can’t do that.  Actually, I showed them the first piece today and won’t show it to them again until after they get their own ideas going for their own piece.  
Now do you see my wee one’s name?  Go back up and see if you can find the butterfly.

Now do you see Daniel’s Babylonian name from Daniel 1?  Daniel 1 is were our first lesson will be.          Click here to read Daniel 1.  Go back up and see if you see the totem pole looking faces.


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