Eliana’s Friends

Eliana loves to play.  Most of her friends are adults, but she does have a few friends her age.  Although at this age, her peers are more of an interest to look at rather than to actually play with. 
Eliana loves to stand with her Aunt Rachel.

Paige and Eliana LOVE the swings!  They were entertained for a good 20 minutes or more.  Paige’s daddy loves camouflage and got her dressed that morning:)  Check out the pink on her shoes:)

Eliana and her Aunt Taylor enjoyed some sun.

Clair and Eliana got along well!  I’m glad they aren’t at the age yet where they fight over toys.

Claire is good at getting around by rolling and scooting.  I think Eliana picked up a few tricks from her, because Eliana is getting closer and closer to crawling.

Claire is such a cutie!!!
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