Kyle captured some better tongue twirls!
Eliana woke me up at 11:35pm on Friday night with a fever of 100.6.  We bathed her in lukewarm water.  She proceeded to stay up for 4.5 hours.  She wasn’t super fussy, just not tired.  Since she was already running a fever, I didn’t want her to cry a whole bunch and get hotter.  The fever continued through yesterday.  She had three baths during the day and continued to take Tylenol.  Her peak temperature was 102.7.  Last night she was up for another 4 or 5 hours.  Kyle and I had been taking turns with her.  Praise the Lord this happened over a weekend when we could both pitch in.  We also were able to take turns taking naps during the day when our wee one was up.  Thankfully, her fever broke this morning.  She went to bed a little after 6 tonight.  We’ll see what the rest of the night holds.  Since she is now in the normal temperature ranges, I’m more willing to let her cry during the middle of the night to readjust to night time = sleep rather than night time = play time.  
Eliana did this back on Valentines Day and a week later we felt her two teeth coming in.  I wouldn’t be surprised if some more teeth are on their way!
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