Eliana is officially mobile.  She isn’t quick, but she can crawl around.  Today she got farther into the kitchen than she has ever been.  I decided to sweep, mop, and then I undertook the challenge of cleaning the baseboards.  I don’t know if they have ever been cleaned!  AHHH!!!
Eliana loves to stand.  She prefers standing to crawling.  She now can pull herself up on the couch.  Yesterday she got to the end of the couch and didn’t know what to do.  She fell and got a bit of a bruise.  I guess we are in the tumble and bruise season.
Eliana will use just about anything to pull herself up.  Here she used the door jam.  Did you notice that all of the doors are shut?  This will have to be a new habit for us since I don’t want her playing in the toilet or getting into all of the stuff stored below our bed.  Last week she used the corner of a wall and a book shelf as a pulling up agent.  I decided that wasn’t the safest place to be pulling up, so I moved her.  She then opted to see if a swinging door would be a good support. (o.0)

Eliana was too cute during this visit with her Aunt Trisha.  She kept turning from her to me and back again.  I think she was amazed at our similarities!!! 

 Eliana is happy one moment and sad the next.  It must be hard to be nearly 10 months old.

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