Early Morning Surprise

 Early Morning Surprise
(Inspired by Mr. William Carlos Williams)
by Tasha Guess
So much depends upon
an early morning feed
and an unpleasant smell
found on my baby’s head
Have you ever read Love that Dog or Hate that Cat by Sharon Creech?  If you haven’t, YOU SHOULD!!!  I’ve been thinking in poems for days.  I read each book in about two days.  I started rereading Hate that Cat to Eliana yesterday when we were outside enjoying the beautiful weather.  She loves poetry!
Let me share with you the first few poems of Love that Dog:


Room 105 – Miss Stretchberry

           September 13

          I don’t want to
          because boys 
          don’t write poetry.

          Girls do.

             September 21

           I tried.
          Can’t do it
          Brain’s empty.

               September 27
          I don’t understand
          the poem about
          the red wheelbarrow
          and the white chickens
          and why so much 
          depends upon 

          If that is a poem
          about the red wheelbarrow
          and the white chickens
          then any words
          can be a poem.
         You’ve just got to

So, back to my poem.  I’m guessing you might be wondering why so much depends upon an unpleasant smell found on Eliana’s head.  It wasn’t just an unpleasant smell, there was something crusty on her head and cheek.    After feeding her at 5:30 am, I brought her back to her crib to continue sleeping for a few hours.  After laying her down, I noticed a drying puddle of something that used to be in her belly at the head of her bed.  It was hard to tell how much of a puddle was there since we only have a night light on in her room.  I decided to wake Kyle up.  My plan was to carry the still sleepy Eliana in my arms out to the couch so that he could change the sheet.  I was hoping to be able to lay her back down to sleep for a little while, and I knew that if I changed the sheet she’d wake all the way up.  
Although a little started by being woken up, Kyle was willing to go with my plan.  I scooped up Eliana up and headed for the couch.  Kyle was half way done pulling off the sheet when Eliana gushed all of the milk she had just taken in.  Sometimes I wondered if Eliana was getting more milk now that she is older.  I nurse her, so I don’t know exactly how much she takes in.  I know that I drink TONS of water all of the time and eat healthy to keep up the milk supply.  Well, after this morning’s fountain of milk covering so much of me, I can say for certain that she is taking in a whole lot more than she did a few months ago.
After loudly calling Kyle, “Kyle, I need you NOW!”  We sprang into action.  Kyle bathed Eliana.  I pulled the slip cover off the couch, got a load of laundry going, and showered.  
It is a few minutes after 8am with one load of laundry drying, another in the washer, plants having been watered, photos taken of coming poppies, breakfast enjoyed (by me, not Eliana), a baby sleeping since 7am, Bible study lesson completed, and Kyle off to work.

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