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11 Months Old!!!

I can’t believe Eliana is 11 months old.  It simply amazes me that she is nearly a year old.  My, my, my how time truly flies.  What a blessing she is to us, our family, our friends, and the many … Continue reading

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Eliana Videos

Tasha discovered that Eliana not only liked to stand and hold the handle on this toy, but she could also walk with it by herself! Rachel and Eliana had some play time with the rubber ducky.  Rachel was laughing so … Continue reading

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Proud uncle moment

I went to Herb Bauers a few weeks ago and picked up a few items.  My carabiner broke a few days before this, so I purchased a neat looking S-Biner to hold my keys. Jump ahead to my brother Nick’s wedding.  My super cute niece was … Continue reading

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Oh the Things you do as Parents

 Eliana will only fit in this small sink for a little while longer!  I can’t remember why Kyle bathed her in the sink.  We have a baby bath tub that we use at the kitchen sink, but maybe I was … Continue reading

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Creation Story Circles

While reading Genesis 1, I had students stop and think about what colors could represent each day.  For example, black and white might represent darkness and light in day one.  We then traced seven circles to represent each day.  Then … Continue reading

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Meet our friend Ethan! I found it to be such a blessing when people shared meals with us after Eliana was born.  I’ve realized was that making a meal for a family is something I can do that honors God … Continue reading

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Rachel to the Rescue!

Eliana can pull herself up on things like chairs, the couch, walls, people, and other objects that are taller than her.  She hasn’t stood up by herself yet.  If you let go of her hands, she can stand for a … Continue reading

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