A Friend Filled Friday

Eliana and I had a great play day outside this morning!!!
Tristan gave his mom tons of smiles when we first got there.  After  that, he was content to chew on his hands or his pacifier.  Katherine had fun watching Eliana and looking to see what her son will be doing in a few months.
As Katherine watched Eliana, I watched Paige who is about a year older than her.  Paige LOVES to play and explore.  Kari and I both remembered when our girls were younger.  It cracks me up how being around other babies and kids makes you reflect on past experiences and look forward to new adventures to come.


Eliana really wanted to get into Tristan’s diaper bag.  Normally I don’t let her explore her own, but it kept her focused and on the blanket today.  She found her pacifier (which she is now only using for naps and bed time… although I had brought it since we had a 30 minute drive home), puffs (which she was able to open the bag and spill half of), paper (which I put into the trash bag out of site), diapers (which I distracted her with toys and moved), and all sorts of other things.  I reorganized the bag when I got home:)

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