Creation Story Circles

While reading Genesis 1, I had students stop and think about what colors could represent each day.  For example, black and white might represent darkness and light in day one.  We then traced seven circles to represent each day.  Then I had students trace their circles and map out which day would be where and what colors they thought of.  The colors within the circle represent things created in the day.  The above picture is my sample created with marker.  I had the students make their paintings with tempera on canvas.  Below is a diagram of what each color represents. 

I liked my work, but I found it hard to tell the circles apart.  I did another example in which I picked a color to represent each day and then I used various values of that color so that the circle would be eye catching.

I showed the students both examples and let them decide how they wanted their art pieces to look.

When I first taught this lesson, I walked away thinking the lesson was rather bland.  I liked the art piece, but I had changed up how the lesson was taught and there wasn’t a lot of dialogue about the verses.  I retaught the same Scripture the next week and loved having conversations about how God created everything.  I also emphasized that not everyone believes that, and in fact their science books don’t.  I explained that some scientist believe God created everything, but many of them believe in evolution.  When I told them that some people believe we came from monkeys, they laughed.  In high school and college I argued with teachers about this.  My students wanted to know if I got in trouble.  I explained that I was respectful in disagreeing with their perspective.

The Bible and Art Club Spring Exhibit is tonight during Open House!  I’m so excited for my students’ work to be displayed!!!  I’m hoping that the students will have an opportunity to talk with others about their work and the Bible!  Yesterday’s mini lesson was on Matthew 28:18-20 in which Jesus tells us to teach others about Him.  I told my students that they might get a chance to do that since their art work is being displayed.  Initially many of them looked a little scared about that.  I asked them if they could why there were seven circles on their paintings. “Yes, God made the earth in seven days.”  What about the colors, could they explain them? “Yes, the represent what was made in each day!”  Oh the sigh of relief when they knew they’d have something to share.  I asked if they remembered learning some things about Daniel a few weeks ago.  It took a moment for them to go that far back into their memory banks, but yes they had something to share about Daniel too!!!  Wahoo!
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