Oh the Things you do as Parents

 Eliana will only fit in this small sink for a little while longer!  I can’t remember why Kyle bathed her in the sink.  We have a baby bath tub that we use at the kitchen sink, but maybe I was doing dishes when he decided to bathe her.  Either way, it accounted for some fun photo time!  Plus, we got lots of laughs.  Eliana only drained the water once.  I don’t think she connected her action with the lack of water, but it was funny to us!

Yes, I am clipping her finger nails.  Yes, I have her locked in my legs.  Sometimes she turns into such a wiggle worm when it comes time to clip her nails.  They grow so fast that we have to do it every week!

This was the first time I trimmed Eliana’s nails.  She was 12 days old!!!  It took me half an hour to file them.  She stayed asleep the whole time.  Look at how small she used to be!!!  She still curled up her legs at that time.  Wow, that was a long time ago.  It was nearly a year ago!  Time sure does fly.

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