El Salvador- Friday, June 17th

This morning Kyle drove with Jeff to Nueva Concepcion to pick up some scaffolding.  While he was gone, I made some banners for Marco and Evelyn’s upcoming event.  It worked out well because they went to a meeting this morning while I was working.  So, I put Eliana on their side of room which is divided by some cupboards.  Eliana took a nap and I got the posters done.  When I was done, I read Genesis 47 about Jacob blessing Joseph’s sons.  Again and again as I’ve read Joseph’s story the amount of times that things don’t go as planned jumps out to me.  I’m reminded of a passage in Isaiah that talks about God’s way being higher than man’s ways.  His thoughts are higher than man’s thoughts.

Kyle was still gone, when Eliana woke up.  Evelyn and Marco were still in their meeting, so Eliana and I headed up to the third floor to play.  There is a big open room up there, so Eliana could crawl around without getting into the things that were in Marco’s room.  Once again, Eliana opened the doors of communication by crawling, smiling, and babbling at the teachers.  They love talking to her and calling her preciosa.  Since Eliana doesn’t have earrings, people assume she is a boy.  So, she is also called precioso and cholo (cute).  Sometimes people get it right and say she is linda instead of lindo (cute).

Lunch was at a restaurant  called Go Green.  It is a salad and quesadilla place with lots of healthy foods.  The food was good, but the best part was talking to Pam and Steve.  Kyle asked what were good qualities to have in a missionary.  Steve talked about being willing to be meek.  He explained that people often think of meek as weak, but that it isn’t.  He said a horse is meek; it is power under control.  Steve loves to talk about Jesus.  He loves the book of Hebrews because it is all about Jesus.  Steve’s passion for the Lord is catching.  When they came down to El Salvador, he didn’t know Spanish.  He learned by going out in the mornings and witnessing to people.  He hated to see blank faces on people as he tried to explain Jesus to them.  His desire for people to be saved is what motivated him to learn Spanish. 

The Friday night service got so full that they do the same sermon on Thursday nights.  So, Kyle went in and heard the sermon while I hung out with Paula, Emily, and a few others in the nursery.  It worked so much better to have Eliana in the nursery.  She played and was quite happy for almost the whole time.  I also was able to hear more about Paula and Jeff’s move here a few years ago.  Plus, I learned another new word.  Juntos = together.  I think I’m picking up a few new words each day.
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