Eliana’s First Birthday!!!

We had a great time celebrating Eliana’s first birthday!!!  The weather cooled a little from the 100 degrees it had been while we were in El Salvador.  Yeah for a great day at the park!!!  Thanks again to everyone who made this day special for Eliana.
Aunt Dacra made this multi-layered jello cake with Korin’s help.

 She wanted to take the picture;)

                            Grandpa Franklin and Grams               Taylor, GramE, and Eliana

                   Aunt Dacra, Rachel, Aunt Marcie, Korin      Trisha and Zac

                            Jeff and Ashlee                                   Dad and Mom

 This is the first weekend that these four have been together in four years!!!  Rachel and Ruli

                            Liz, Brett, and Jack                          Judy, my favorite carpooling buddy, and me

                             Harry and Judy                                  Grandpa Hal and Grandma Sue
GramE’s “cousin” Jennifer came too, but some how I missed snapping a shot of her.  I said “cousin” because when the girls were young, they were told they were cousins.  It wasn’t until they were teenagers that they realized they weren’t really related.

Eliana got several hats for her birthday.  That makes sense since she is still fairly bald.  She loves this Dora doll from her Nanny and Grandpa Brad!
Eliana enjoyed helping me read the cards and pull out the tissue paper.  I look forward to reading these indestructible books with her from GramE and Grand Apa. 
Zac, Trisha, and Donald enjoyed watching Eliana eat her cupcake.  

 A cupcake for dessert!  Yum!  She didn’t make much of a mess because most of it went into her mouth!  Thanks Terry for making the cupcakes!

These dogs were just too weird to not share.  I’ve seen emails with dyed dogs, but I’ve never seen them in person.  I have no idea how you’d get a dog to sit still long enough to dye his fur.

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