More Stories from El Salvador – June 11-13th

I have so much to share about El Salvdor, but Eliana will only nap for so long.  I’m hoping to go through pictures and update the blog with several more stories.  I haven’t even gotten to the end of the trip in my journaling yet, but let’s go backwards to the beginning now that I have a faster picture uploading process.  
Here is another view from the patio that was connected to our room.  Kyle and I practiced a lot of our Spanish at Casa de Clemetina, because the workers didn’t speak any English.  They were so gracious with our broken Spanish.  During our stay there, they really grew attached to Eliana, and she loved their attention.  The gal that runs the Casa helped carry Eliana in the evenings up the stairs while we unloaded.  She said she’d miss Eliana.  Eliana daily brighted up this beautiful Casa by bringing smiles to the people there.

 There were flowers everywhere at Casa de Clementina.  It was such a pretty place to stay.  It did remind me of traveling to Asia in that they didn’t have hot water or AC, but we were able to adjust.

Here is another view of  that lake we mentioned seeing on our way up to Paso de Alaska.  It is so very lush and green there as a product of the humid and rainy season.  Awe, I miss seeing all of the green.  When we came back, many of the fields here have turned yellow from several days of over 100 degree weather.

 Do you see the volcano in the background?  There are 22 volcanoes in El Salvador.  We regularly traveled around volcano during our adventures to share the good news of Jesus with people.

Do you see the small boy crouching by the telephone pole?  Do you see the open windows on the bus and a few arms outside of the bus?  Any ideas on how these two things are connected?

As the team from Oklahoma traveled, they threw hard candy out the window near children.  Kyle and I loved watching people’s expressions as they suddenly found sweet treats.  It was priceless!!!

 He was so happy to find candy!  Yum!!!  This little boy lived way up in a small village.  I wonder how often he has had candy before.  Here he got a whole handful of it.

 This picture and the two below are from the gringo market.  A gringo market is anywhere where souvenirs are sold.

I had more fun capturing God’s beauty than looking at souvenirs.  Kyle enjoyed playing with the small instruments there.  Eliana smiled at people as they called her preciosa (precious) and mi amor (my love).

You can read more about June 10th-12th, and there is another post just for the 13th of June.

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