More Stories from El Salvador- June 13th

Just in case I haven’t convinced you that El Salvador is a beautiful place, here are some more pictures to prove it!
Impatiens flowers were found in many flower pots at Casa Clementina.

The rest of the pictures on this post were taken at Paso de Alaska.  We wrote about that adventure here
It was significantly cooler up in the mountains.  Clouds gently wandered through the mountain side.  This was a major blessing at the time because it had been very humid and hot when we first arrived.  

You’re looking at coffee trees.  El Salvador is know for its coffee.  I don’t care for coffee because it makes me jittery, but Kyle loves it!!!  Shrubs and other trees are planted in between the coffee trees to protect them from the wind and moisture.  

Here are some more pictures of the high ropes course.  I really did enjoy my time up there!

This is the same course but from a different angle.

Awe or (AHHHHH!!! depending upon the person), the pendulum.  I didn’t try it for a lack of time. This Oklahoma team member in a harness was hosted up and back like he is in a giant invisible swing.  Then he pulled on a cord and swung forward.  I don’t remember if he screamed, but I know that some people did.  I’ll be honest that I was okay that there wasn’t time for me to do this.  There was something similar at the high ropes course at Hume Lake with the exception that at Hume you walk off a high platform and then swing.  I stood on the edge of the platform and fell backwards with my eyes closed because I knew I wouldn’t willingly walk off the platform with my eyes open.  It was quite disturbing as I waited for the tug of the harness.  It seemed to take too long in my opinion.
Here are the roofs of the community below Paso de Alaska.

We found cutting open a banana and spooning it out like it was a cup was a much less messy way of serving Eliana bananas.  She sure does love bananas!!!

Let me tell you a little story about us and hydrangeas.  A friend bought some beautiful blue hydrangeas for me on the Mother’s Day when I was pregnant with Eliana.  They were beautiful.  The heat here didn’t help them to last though.  We were able to revive them a few times, but finally our lack of care combine with many 100+ degree days killed them.  I was very sad.   They are such a pretty flower.

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