Happy Fourth of July!!!

Thanks Trish for getting such a cute dress for Eliana!  If you can tell, she wan’t too big of a fan of the grass touching her legs.  She had her right leg up for most of the shoot.  The good thing is the grass helped her to stay in one spot. 
She was 9 days old on July 4th, 2010.

 I can’t believe that she is over a year already.  Last year at this time she still wasn’t supposed to come for another two weeks.  We celebrated with Chet, Terry, Michele, Jeremy, their kiddos, Sherry, Perry, Rachel, and Ruli.  It was such a pleasant time then since I was still a brand new mommy, and I wasn’t up to much.

Look at how small she used to be!!!  She fit snuggly in just one of GramE’s hands!!!
 Oh the many faces of our little one.  She cracks us up regularly!!!

 I can’t remember if my friend Brandy or Eliana’s Aunt Aimee made this bow.  We have two Fourth of July bows, so I’m not sure who made which one.

We helped Eliana to stand up. During this photo shoot, she squatted down and then stood back up TWO times!!!  We were very impressed.  She took her first two steps on Wednesday.  It won’t be long before she is walking everywhere!!!
 We love our precious little girl!!!
In El Salvador, many people shared in her smiling moments and in her serious moments.
It made sense to me to compare one serious picture with another one. 
Eliana wasn’t up to smiling since she was highly curious about a man walking through the parking lot.
You can see last year’s July 4th post here.
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