14 Months Old!!!!!!!!!

 Eliana turned 14 months old yesterday!  She was very fussy for most of the morning and we had a busy afternoon, so I wasn’t able to post on her 14th month day.  I think the fussiness is related to getting some more teeth.  It started two nights ago and hasn’t really stopped yet.  I sure hope these teeth come soon so she can give our ears a rest.  I’m guessing the top canine teeth will be joining the other eight teeth she already has.
 This month she learned how to cradle things in her arms.  She is also very steady on her feet now.  She still needs help when it comes to steps, but she is working on it with my help!

Trisha loaned me her camera, otherwise I wouldn’t have even attempted capturing Eliana in our poorly lit apartment.  Our little girl is growing, growing, growing.  Maybe you need a reminder of what she looked like 12 months ago.
Tiny, right?

Eliana has three stuffed rabbits.  Now wonder she can say rabbit.  Did you notice the frown?  I’ve been seeing it a lot lately, especially if she eats something she doesn’t like.  One day this week, Kyle rubbed the bridge of her nose to try and help the frown go away.  I laughed, and so she relaxed.  Trisha thought her frown was quite over the weekend.  I told her it wasn’t.  After all, I’m seeing it a whole lot more than she is.

Eliana is on the go!  She has worn the tips of these shoes out quite well.  It is a good thing summer is almost over, because these shoes won’t fit much longer.  Eliana has learned that putting on her shoes means she gets to go outside.  She LOVES to be outside.  She is quite disappointed (and is able to express so very clearly) with short trips outside to just water the plants.  This week I’ve been taking her walking with me to pick up the mail.  We take a grass route through the apartment complex.  She is pretty worn out by the time we get back to the apartment, but that probably is in part due to the heat.

Eliana’s hair is starting to grow ever so slowly.  I’m still a-okay with her lack of hair.  It makes bathing and getting out the door easy since I don’t have to worry if her hair is okay.

I had my piano lesson on Wednesday.  Like I said, Eliana has been fussy for awhile.  To help distract her, Kyle took her shoe shopping.  He did a fantastic job!!!  The ones on the left are size 3T, and she fits in them okay with socks and laces we borrowed from some other shoes.  There are still a little big, but they’ll work for now.  The shoes on the right are size 4T for later this year.  Kyle even got a deal and saved $10!

A few words about the kitchen…  I was talking to my friend Michele about how her kids help her in the kitchen.  They love to help, and they are quite good at it.  Her four year old has been helping to unload the dishwasher for quite some time.  Her nearly six year old is the best egg cracker in the home.  Her soon to be eight year old has been learning how to use the stove.  I want Eliana to love the kitchen too!  SO, Kyle and I have changed the rules a bit.  Eliana can come in the kitchen.  This has helped us in multiple ways.  First, I think she simply likes that the linoleum is cooler on her legs than the thick carpet.  Plus, now she has a place were she can practice her siren noises with her firetruck as she rolls in on the smooth floor.  I didn’t teach her to make those noises, and I don’t remember if Kyle taught her.  Either way though, she knows to make loud noises when pushing her firetruck around.  Eliana is still learning not to go into certain cupboards, so there is still training going on.  I’ve relaxed about the Tupperware drawers, but don’t panic.  My house isn’t always covered in Tupperware like the picture above.  This past week, I’ve been working with Eliana to help me pick up things.  She thought it was pretty nifty to help me put the Tupperware back into the drawer.  When Eliana was first crawling, I didn’t want her getting hurt on the silverware in the dishwasher.  Well, as some point I realized that I hand wash the sharp knives.  Since she isn’t putting everything she touches into her mouth, I’m not as worried about her touching the rinsed dishes that are waiting to be washed.  Eliana got a kick out of holding the empty dishwasher silverware holder.  She carried it around the kitchen while I quickly loaded the rest of the dishes.  When we were all done, she helped me close the dishwasher.  Awe.  Things are much better now in the kitchen.

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4 Responses to 14 Months Old!!!!!!!!!

  1. GramE says:

    GrandApa and GramE see hair! We are so excited! Loved everything you talked about: Thank you ❤

  2. GramE says:

    GrandApa and GramE see hair! We are so excited! Loved everything you talked about: Thank you ❤

  3. Daddy says:

    Nice football hold with that whale!

  4. Daddy says:

    Nice football hold with that whale!

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