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Reasons September is Busy

Kyle has carpal tunnel and cubital tunnel surgery on September 7th.    Eliana and I enjoy the nice scenery outside of Kyle’s physical therapy office.  He started out going three times as week and is down to twice a week. … Continue reading

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15 Months Old

Life is sweet when you read together! Eliana and I were enjoying a book called Boom Town.  I loved using this story when I was teaching 4th grade, because it is silly, fun, and informative.  In summary, a little girl helps … Continue reading

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Abraham put Jesus in Mary’s stomace

Yep, that is what I read today.  I had my sixteen Bible and Art Club students write down one thing they learned yesterday.  I chuckled when I read this sentence.  The good thing about the journals is that I read … Continue reading

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God Knows What I Need

God knows what I need.  I’ve known for a few weeks that I need to get up before Eliana in order to do my quiet time.  She only takes one nap now.  It ranges from 45 minutes to 3 hours.  … Continue reading

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Friend Visit!

Katherine, Tristan, Eliana, and I got to hangout today!  Yahoo for a friend visit! Tristan was fascinated by the water behind his mom.  I felt like Eliana was saying, “Ta Da, here is my friend Tristan!” Tristan will be seven … Continue reading

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