15 Months Old

Life is sweet when you read together!

Eliana and I were enjoying a book called Boom Town.  I loved using this story when I was teaching 4th grade, because it is silly, fun, and informative.  In summary, a little girl helps to start a boom town during the gold rush by baking pies.     
We celebrated Eliana turning fifteenth months old by going down to visit family and friends for the celebration of four birthdays: Tara’s, Tanya’s, Thomas’s, and mine.  (Side note: Did you know that everyone doesn’t agree about whether or not to put an apostrophe after a single noun that ends with an s?  Check out this link if you thought Thomas shouldn’t have had an apostrophe s.)

 Kyle and I worked together to make Thomas a didgeridoo.  He loved it and didn’t think a thing of me asking a few days before what his favorite colors were.

 Yeah for a visit with Grandpa Hal and Grandma Sue!!!  Eliana’s curiosity meant a little extra cleaning.  She lifted up a very large bowl of water for the dogs and then wahoooooosh, there went a whole bunch of water under the refrigerator.  I’m glad is was water and not red soda.  It wasn’t hard to clean up. 
The next four photos cracked me up.  My family is full of funny faces.
Thomas and me                                Kelly and Taylor

Jeff and Ashlee                                     Mom and Eliana
Now for some happy faces.
Kevin and Tara                                   Donald and me

Tanya and me

 Trisha and Zac

Mom and Dad
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